Privacy Policy

Personal Details

PPI Return may require certain details and personal data from you, including, without limitation, your name and email address. This policy is in relation to these details and any other Personal Data which PPIReturn subsequently collects from you or about you (collectively “the Information”).

Use and disclosure of the Information and Client Information

PPI Return will use the Information in a variety of ways, some of which will assist and enable PPI Return to provide its services to its clients and prospective clients.

PPI Return may also in its sole discretion retain the Information and use it for direct marketing services, e.g. PPI Return may send marketing information to you. Such marketing information may relate to the legal profession, to financial matters and to goods and/or services provided by PPI Return and/or third parties as well as goods and/or services provided by third parties which are entirely unrelated to your original request.

PPI Return may in its sole discretion sell some of the Information to unrelated third parties who may use the Information sold for direct marketing purposes in relation to a wide range of goods and/or services which, for the avoidance of doubt, are entirely unrelated to your original request. Should you persue a claim with PPI Return, you will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving any third party marketing materials. This option is clearly outlined in our Terms of Business letter.

PPI Return reserves the right to report any activity which PPI Return suspects violates any relevant laws or regulations to the appropriate authority. If PPI Return is requested by such authority for the Information, PPI Return reserves the right to disclose it to them.

You shall indemnify and keep PPI Return and PPI Return’s directors, officers, employees and agents fully indemnified against all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and damages (including any damages or compensation paid by PPI Return on the advice of its legal advisors to compromise or settle any claim) and all legal costs or other expenses arising out of any breach of any representations, warranties and/or undertakings or out of any claims by a third party based on any facts which if substantiated would constitute such a breach.


All of the Information will be kept as confidential and as secure as possible through the use of PPI Return’s secure server software. This means that the Information can only be exchanged between you, PPI Return and any third party to whom PPI Return decides to transfer the Information to for the purposes detailed above. Furthermore as required by the Act PPI Return follows strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of the Information which you have given to PPI Return, to prevent unauthorised access.

PPI Return uses industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of the Information including “firewalls” and Secure Socket Layers. PPI Return treats the Information as an asset that must be protected against loss and unauthorised access. PPI Return employees use many different security techniques to protect the Information from unauthorised access by users inside and outside the company. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet.

Individual’s Rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 all individuals are entitled on the payment of a fee, to be given from PPI Return a description of all personal data PPI Return holds about the individual, the purposes for which this is being processed and the recipients to whom this may be disclosed. All such individuals also have the right to have communicated to them in an intelligible form the information constituting the Personal Data and any information available to PPI Return as to the source of that personal data. If you require any further information on this point, please contact PPI Return as detailed above.