Why Use a PPI Claims Company?

Making a PPI claim is a relatively straightforward process and with the internet readily to hand, there are plenty of resources, template letters and strategies available to make a successful PPI claim.

Why then should individuals even consider using a PPI claim company? First off, there is no need or obligation to use a PPI claims specialist, there is plenty of scope to go it alone and work to get your own money back and the choice will ultimately be yours.

A PPI claim firm can however bring many advantages that are born from their experience and successful track record in the PPI claims industry. These include:-

  • Thorough understanding of the way banks respond. A PPI claims specialist will be able to read between the bluff and rhetoric each bank and their complaints handling department issues. Many banks offer standard, blanket rejection letters that work exceedingly well to deter many from pursuing a claim for compensation. PPI claims companies know what, how and why they should respond to get the best results.
  • Strong insight into how much a claim is worth. PPI claims companies aggregate the successes and the information they receive from each PPI complaint they handle. This gives them a huge insight into claiming the maximum level of compensation and they work hard to negotiate the compensation package upwards. This is particularly important given the fact that banks have been known to offer token goodwill gestures that many individual claimants take, believing that they are getting a good deal.
  • No need to escalate a claim. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is currently inundated by PPI complaints that have been escalated for review. While FOS are doing a tremendous job, they can only cope with so much. As the British Bankers’ Association currently seeks judicial review for the way PPI complaints are handled, many individuals face a stalemate until the outcome of the High Court review. PPI claims companies can in contrast move the process along without the need for FOS intervention.
  • A PPI claim company is headed by a team of professional legal negotiators. These skills are invaluable when it comes to arguing a PPI claim case.

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