PPI claims made simple

There are between 3 – 5 million people who are yet to make a claim for mis sold payment protection insurance. And when you find out how easy and simple it is to make a claim for PPI with PPI Return, you can’t help but wonder why?!

We can tell you why: time, or the lack of it. Each year seems to fly past faster than the last; it only feels like yesterday that we were clinking glasses of fizz and seeing in the New Year with a toneless rendition of Auld Lang Syne!

There are some jobs that tend to go to the bottom of our jam-packed to do lists. The tasks that often hear those immortal words – I’ll do that tomorrow. Making a DIY payment protection claim is one of those jobs, even with the incentive of receiving a nice cheque.

But it needn’t be a chore

At PPI Return, we see it as our job to ensure PPI claims are made simple. We take away all the hassle; all you have to do is complete our short online claim form to kick start your PPI claim. We’ll then send you our full Payment Protection Insurance claim form for you to fill out. As soon as you have, send it back and then put your feet up as we’ll take it from there. Simples!

We are specialists in recovering compensation for mis sold PPI policies. We’ve already retrieved over £12.5m in compensation for our customers and our average claim is worth £2000¹. Plus with our no win, no fee policy, there’s absolutely no harm in finding out if you have a case for compensation.

¹GW Data