PPI claims advert banned by ASA for being misleading

Claims Management Company, Gladstone Brookes, has had two adverts promoting its PPI claims services banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for being mis leading.

The ASA received complaints relating to the television and press ads on 9th June 2011; one of the complaints was from the Royal Bank of Scotland, who has earmarked £800m to cover the cost of mis sold payment protection insurance policies.

During the television advert, a message encouraging potential customers to “Call now before time runs out” flashed on the screen. It was this message which gave RBS cause for complaint and challenged the advert on the ground that there was no deadline for submitting a PPI refund claim.

Gladstone Brookes, who featured on the BBC’s Watchdog “PPI Claims: Beware of losing out second time round”¹, disputed the complaint and referred to the fact banks destroy policy documents and information relating to policy sales after a period of time.

The ASA upheld the complaints. They believed the adverts implied “there was a strict and definitive deadline date by which complaints must be made and believed that the claims overstated the urgency for referring a complaint.”²

¹BBC (Sept 2011)
²Mortgage Strategy (Dec 2011)

Content correct at time of publication