People power! One-man band highlights inadequacy of some insurance policies

Understandably the nation is furious by the payment protection insurance mis selling scandal which continues to hit our headlines. But while the majority of people mis sold PPI or other unsuitable insurance policies are contented by reclaiming what is rightly theirs, one consumer has launched a one-man campaign to force insurers to rewrite their income protection policies.

Like many, Chris Hargreaves found himself without cover following an illness which left him unable to work for a period of time despite paying out for an income protection policy. Chris explains the situation:

“My wife and I were in huge financial difficulty as a result of this and had to ask for help from my parents. But in the end it became less about the money and more about the principle of fighting against a badly designed product.”

He has now taken to social network Twitter to drum up support and achieve his aim of overhauling the insurance industry. And with over 13,000 followers he is fast approaching his goal. His Twitter campaign has received backing from both the industry and the media, and Aviva has responded by rewriting 95 per cent of its new protection policies. This is not enough for Chris however:

“I am pleased about this, but about the hundreds of thousands of existing policy holders who are paying for these completely worthless policies. They are trying to do the right thing; be cautious and protect their income but they can find themselves without cover when they need it most.”

You can show your support and follow Chris on Twitter under the name Angry Policyholder.