Higher Chance of Securing Your Refund

PPI claims managers aren’t in existence because consumers don’t make a proper claim. It is true however, that 6 out of 10 consumer claims are rejected because of a genuine lack of information and permission to access account information. If a consumer received less refunds than what they were entitled to, then they’d only need to take their claim to the FOS.

So, what does PPI claim company do that a normal consumer can’t?

PPI Refund has been around for years now and we’ve been successful with even the most difficult of claims. We’ve gained substantial experience over the years; this experience means that being able to draw similarities to other cases can sometimes be the key to getting back what is owed to you in good time.

We also have special arrangements with the banks, meaning that the process can be substantially quicker, which means the consumer receives their money within a shorter time frame.

Trusting your PPI claim with us means that you’re able to focus on more things that matter to you.