Help friends and family reclaim PPI

Millions of payment protection insurance policies were mis sold to customers taking out a loan or credit card. The mis selling scandal has affected so many people lenders have collectively set aside around £9bn to cover the cost of PPI claims.

With such big numbers there is a very strong chance you will know at least one person affected by PPI mis selling. If this is the case then PPI Return can help both you and your friend.

Recommend a family member or friend who thinks they have been mis sold payment protection insurance to PPI Return and, if their claim is successful, not only will they receive what is rightly theirs, you will benefit from £150 too.

All you need to do is send us your family member or friend’s contact details (name, email and telephone number) and we’ll do the rest.

Help your loved ones claim back what is rightly theirs. Refer them to PPI Return today, chances are there’s a pint in for you!