Going it Alone; Claiming Your PPI Back

Here are PPI Return we don’t charge you for finding out if you are entitled to a PPI refund. We think it is important that people receive back all of the money that they were wrongly mis-sold and therefore we will find the information for you and then the ball is completely in your court.

You can choose for us to continue with your claim or you can do it yourself, whichever works for you! So we have come up with some tips if you choose that going it alone is the way forward.

1) Scour your paper work very carefully, if you feel you have a genuine claim, then you will need proof and it will be buried within the paper work somewhere. The term Payment Protection Insurance, may be under the guise of ‘loan protection’ or ‘loan care’. But should you be one of the ones who were unaware of the product issued to you in the first place, then fear not, the lender will have all of your details on file.

2) Fill out the forms that are supplied to you and make sure that you include as much information as possible. A the end of the day no company wants to give away their money so the more solid your case, the less likely you are to receive a rejection letter later down the line.

3) Should you be unhappy with the result, then you can always contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. The service provides you with independent advice and can ascertain whether your claim can be taken further, or you have been unsuccessful.

The key is, if you feel that you’re justified in your complaints, don’t give up. The Financial Ombudsman Service and not the lender, will have the final say on your claim.