Common PPI mis selling tactics

The PPI mis selling scandal is huge. It is estimated that 20 million payment protection insurance policies were mis sold to unsuspecting customers.

PPI was mis sold in many different ways. Check out the most common PPI mis selling tactics below; if any of them sound familiar then you could have a claim for compensation.

PPI mis selling tactic: PPI is compulsory

Whilst you may not have been told outright that that you had to take the PPI, many customers felt pressured by the sales staff into taking out the policy whilst arranging their loan, mortgage or credit card; some believing if they refused to take out PPI, then they were less likely to be approved for their credit agreement.

PPI mis selling tactic: You weren’t asked about your medical history

One of the elements of payment protection insurance is to protect you if you are unable to work through illness or injury. However, if you suffered from pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking the PPI such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, amongst others, you may never have been able to make a claim against the policy for illness. That’s one of the reasons why for many people payment protection insurance is utterly useless!

PPI mis selling tactic: You were in the Armed Forces

Members of the Armed Forces were frequent victims of PPI mis selling. Whilst PPI was often useless for those with pre-existing medical conditions, for those in the Armed Forces, it was completely unnecessary. As a member of the Armed Forces, the terms of your employment will guarantee your income should you become ill or get injured.

PPI mis selling tactic: You were not in full time employment

Another PPI mis selling method was to sell the policy to people who were self employed, retired, on a temporary contract or on benefits. As well as protecting you if you are ill or injured, payment protection insurance is also designed to provide cover if you are made redundant. However, often PPI policies only protect those in full time employment. This could mean you have been paying for a policy that is not applicable to you.

PPI mis selling tactic: No one told you about it!

Believe it or not, thousands of PPI policies were sold to people who were completely oblivious to them. That means they have been paying for a policy they didn’t even know they had, a definite mis selling tactic!

These are just some of the primary PPI mis selling tactics employed in the scandal. If any of these sound familiar, or if you’re still unsure and would just like to find out if you have a claim for PPI mis selling, simply complete our online claim form and one of our PPI specialist advisers will review your case and advise you if you have a valid claim or not. At PPI Return, we have a no win, no fee policy so it costs nothing to find out if you have a claim.