Claim back PPI before it’s too late

If you have been mis sold payment protection insurance and not yet made a claim, you may soon lose the chance forever after the banking industry and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have begun talks to implement a deadline for PPI claims. Don’t miss out – claim now

PPI Return is dedicated to helping customers reclaim money that is rightly theirs and have already helped over 12,000 people by recovering over £32m in compensation.

However recent developments now mean customers yet to claim could lose the opportunity, allowing banks to retain the money acquired through PPI mis selling.

Taken out a loan or credit card in the past 10 years? There is a strong possibility that you have been mis sold PPI. Make a claim

To find out if you are a victim of PPI mis selling, check your credit agreement to see if a PPI policy has been automatically added. If so contact us immediately to avoid losing your chance to reclaim these charges.

Millions of people have been mis sold payment protection insurance, many of whom were completely oblivious to having such a policy.

This means you could be paying for PPI and not even know it!

Payment protection insurance mis selling is now regarded as the largest financial mis selling scandal in modern history. It is now estimated the mis sale of PPI will cost lenders up to £25 billion, a figure which almost doubles the current provision of £13bn. This demonstrates just how many customers have been mis sold a policy and have not yet claimed.

With a proven track record in reclaiming payment protection insurance, PPI Return can help anyone who needs assistances in making a claim.

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Let PPI Return help you reclaim what it rightfully yours.