Can I Claim PPI on Behalf of Deceased Spouse?

One of the most common questions we hear at PPI Refund is whether someone would be able to claim PPI on behalf of a deceased spouse. Many people are unaware that it is not just their own PPI they can retrieve a refund from, but that of a deceased spouse also. If your spouse has unfortunately passed away but you are aware of a PPI policy that they were paying for in their lifetime and suspect it may have been mis-sold to them, you have the right to find out if you’re owed a refund.

Like with any normal PPI claim it is first important to determine if they actually had a policy. If they were sold a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last two decades by any of the major banks and lenders, then it is a fairly safe bet that they do have PPI.

The second and perhaps most difficult step is to ascertain whether or not it was actually mis-sold. In most cases PPI was sold to those that were ineligible for a policy. For example, if they were self-employed, had a history of medical issues or were retired then they weren’t suitable for a policy and this means they were mis-sold.

It’s also worth remembering that NHS workers and people working for similar institutions were already covered by a similar protection, which meant they didn’t need what the bank was selling.

There were a lot of people that were sold policies and were completely unaware they were paying for it, or they believed it was compulsory. In other words, this means that they could’ve never been truly aware of what they paying for.

If you believe that any of these situations applied to your late spouse, or you know this to be true you should take your claim further. If you need any help, then PPI Refund are happy to guide you through the process and remove all the hassle that comes with claiming back.

So, if your deceased marital partner was mis-sold PPI and you want to submit a claim, then start our free PPI check today.