Can I Claim Back PPI From 20-Years Ago?

We hear this question a lot: ‘Can I claim back Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on a policy that’s 20 years old?’ Well the answer is; with PPI refund, yes you can. PPI Refund have a great track record on claiming on older policies and being successful.

If you were mis-sold on a mortgage or a loan in the last 20 years, then we’d be more than happy to take on your claim and try to retrieve what is owed to you. We won’t need the original loan agreement or any original paperwork as we specialise in working on difficult claims that date back decades.

If you’ve had a credit card, loan, mortgage or store card in the last 25 years or so, the chances are you’ve been mis-sold PPI. Payment Protection Insurance was offered to certain individuals to be certain that their loan repayments were met should the policy holder, fall ill or lose their job for any reason. PPI was sold on mass to those who didn’t want or need a policy, and in many cases it was sold to those who weren’t even aware they had a PPI policy attached to their financial product in the first place.

If you believe one or more of these circumstances applies to you then you could be due PPI, and at PPI Refund we’re more than happy to help you claim back every penny you’re owed plus interest. There is no need for any original documentation, we don’t even need an original policy number to generate a claim on your behalf, to start a claim visit our free claims check page.

If one or more of these circumstances applies to you, then you get due a PPI refund:

  • You weren’t notified regarding any kind of exclusions to claiming PPI. Medical Ailments or self-employment for instance.
  • You weren’t advised that you’d need to pay interest on your PPI when it was included in the finance.
  • You were pressured into taking out PPI cover.

Claiming back PPI as far back as two decades is not easy, many companies are unable to achieve this, however we have a proven track record of winning these kinds of cases.