Barclaycard PPI Claims

If you have taken out a credit card with Barclaycard in the last few decades, then you could have a valid reason to make a Barclaycard PPI claim. PPI has been mis-sold on mass to customers for the last few decades and it was only a few years back that the full scale of the problem came to light.

For many years now Barclaycard has mis-sold to customers with their credit cards as a form of protection to ensure that all repayments were protected in the event of the policy holder losing their jobs or falling ill for extended period of time.

When choosing PPI Return it means you have chosen a knowledgeable company that have years of experience dealing with even the most difficult Barclaycard PPI claim.

The Barclaycard PPI Claim Explained

Barclaycard, like most other financial institutions complicit in the mis-selling on Payment Protection Insurance, have told their customers that are keen to resolve each and every Barclaycard PPI Claim quickly and efficiently.

Barclaycard have set aside a large pot of money that is designed to redress all those that have been mis-sold PPI.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Barclaycard PPI Claim?

If you choose not to use PPI Refund, then you’re free to proceed with a free Barclaycard PPI claim on your own.

However, if the particulars of your case are especially complex then going alone can make things much more difficult.

Making a Barclaycard PPI Claim

Before making any contact with Barclaycard, you first need to fill out a Barclaycard PPI claim form, which can be found on the Financial Ombudsman Service website.

The Barclaycard PPI claim form is a standard form that is used by all financial institutions for customers claiming back PPI.

Whilst it is straight forward to make a Barclaycard PPI claim, it is down to the individual to ensure that they provide all information and ensure that the detail can prove without reasonable doubt that they were mis-sold.

Using the Barclaycard PPI claim form means that the person claiming is able to fill out the form in so much detail, which means that there is no need for unnecessary back and forth between yourself and Barclaycard.

What Makes a Successful Barclaycard PPI Claim?

When completing your Barclaycard PPI claim form, you must ask yourself some questions on why you believe you were mis-sold PPI in the first instance. There’s no point in submitting a complaint without a good reason.

If any of the following things applied to you then you could well be entitled to make an Barclaycard PPI claim.

  • Did you believe that the PPI tick box was already ticked on your application form?
  • Were you self-employed, unemployed or working under a certain number of hours?
  • Were you under 18 or over 65?
  • Did you have any pre-existing medical condition?

To ascertain whether you have a valid Barclaycard PPI claim then visit our free check page and let us proceed with your claim.