£18.3bn of PPI cash waiting to be claimed

Victims of mis sold payment protection insurance are unknowingly missing out on over £18 billion, according to latest figures.

There are approximately 11 million Britons who are either confused if they are eligible to make a claim for mis sold payment protection insurance or are in fact totally unaware that they are even potential victims of PPI mis selling.

Despite PPI being recognised as the biggest mis selling scandal in modern history, this lack of awareness does not come as that big of a surprise as lenders regularly added PPI without the knowledge or consent of the customer.

However with the average PPI claim worth £2,650, PPI Return fears victims are running a real risk of losing out on what is rightfully theirs for a second time, particularly as talks of a deadline continue to rattle around.

We may have avoided a triple dip recession but for the majority of us times are still financial tough. So the fact that so many people could be missing out on a considerable refund for mis sold PPI is really disheartening.

It is therefore essential that anyone who has taken out a loan or credit card, a mortgage, even store cards or car finance check their credit agreement – if PPI was automatically included details of it will be here.

Anyone confused about making a claim can contact us for free on 0800 877 8888 and our specialised team can guide you through the whole process.

Content correct at time of publication