With 26 years experience, the firm is based in the heart of Liverpool and employs over 270 staff.

If your client has been sold PPI/loan insurance alongside any loan in the past then they may have been mis-sold. There are 20 million of these policies out there. Many of your clients will have this.

By joining us, we guarantee –

  • We operate on a strict No Win, No Fee basis
  • We charge No Upfront Fees
  • We don’t cherry pick claims (we take on all claims you refer no matter the size)
  • 100% of claims are handled in-house by friendly qualified staff.
  • In-house telephone advisers to answer clients questions from 8am to 8pm six days a week.

We are experts in payment protection insurance claims. This is why we offer a no win no fee service to our clients, so they have nothing to lose and they know that they are in safe hands with a service they can trust. So they won’t lose a thing, but they have a lot to gain. We offer a great service – read our clients feedback to see for yourself.

By joining PPI Return claims management programme, purposely designed for business partners, you will be able to give your clients a successful and reliable service, that will help claim back what is rightfully theirs.

Our referral scheme has proven to be popular with our referrers and it is intended to ensure it works for both you, the referrer, and ourselves. On average we make a payment of £180.00 per case (30% of our commission). This is not capped and the more you refer the more you can earn.

Not only will you earn an extra revenue stream, but we will keep you updated through the process.

Be part of a winning team today, and get back your clients money today.