Reclaim your Payment Protection Insurance with PPI Return

To date we have claimed back over £32 million in cash refunds for our Clients – see how much your claim could be worth using our PPI Claim Calculator. If your loan is ongoing you can also see how your monthly repayments might be reduced as a result of a successful claim!

Making a Claim Yourself

You could also pursue the claim yourself directly with the lender and, if necessary, through the Financial Ombudsman or Financial Services Compensation Scheme, without any charge. However, we do feel that our expertise and knowledge in the area will make the claims process as stress free as possible for you. We must emphasise that it is solely your choice if you want to deal with the claim yourself or instruct us to do it on your behalf.

Some lenders may settle your claim fairly quickly if you deal with them directly, depending on how straightforward your claim may be. However, other lenders can take a long time and in our experience often miss deadlines for responding to you and/or making an offer to settle, and can make incorrect offers and reject claims with little or no explanation. We will use our knowledge and expertise to help you obtain the compensation that you may be entitled to as quickly as possible and in the right amount.

Over £32 million reclaimed and counting!

At PPI Return, we are determined to help customers recover compensation for payment protection insurance (PPI) policies mis sold to them by their lender.

Our experience and extensive knowledge on payment protection insurance mis selling has helped us recover over £32 million in PPI redress for our customers so far, with our average claim worth over £2,500.

Making a claim with PPI Return

Millions of payment protection insurance policies were mis sold by lenders to customers taking out a loan or credit card. PPI Return aims to help anyone mis sold PPI recover money that is rightfully theirs. To find out if we can help you, click here to complete our no obligation claim form.

The PPI mis selling scandal

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a type of insurance that was typically taken out with a loan or credit card and covers policy holders should they become unable to work and meet their monthly repayments either due to redundancy or illness.

The nationwide controversy surrounding PPI has arisen because many policies were mis sold by lenders to customers who couldn’t use it, didn’t want it or, in many cases, weren’t even aware of it. Common mis selling tactics included lenders telling customers PPI was compulsory, selling policies to customers who weren’t in full time employment or those with a pre existing medical condition or implying a PPI policy would help ensure the loan or credit card application was approved.

Lenders have collectively put aside £9bn to cover the cost of mis sold payment protection insurance.